Vehicle Inspections

Pre-purchase & Safety Inspections

Whether you need a fleet of vehicles inspected before they hit the streets, your personal vehicle before a long road trip, or a pre-purchase inspection before you buy, start Strong to protect your investments!

Fleet Services & Inspections

Don’t let vehicle breakdowns keep your team from doing their job. Whether you are a law enforcement agency, ambulatory service, commercial business, or educational institution, Strong Auto Repair’s fleet services and vehicle inspections keep you and your team on the road and ready to go at all times. 

Book your appointment today or call now to learn more about Strong’s fleet services and how they can not only benefit your team, but also your bottom-line.

Trip Safety Inspections

Ready to take that road trip you’ve been waiting for or suddenly need to take a long journey unexpectedly? At Strong Auto Repair Pensacola we can get your vehicle in, thoroughly inspected, and ready for the road, and in time for whatever life has in store for you. 

Know you and your family are safe mile after mile with Strong Auto Repairs multi-point trip safety inspection!

Pre-purchase Inspections

Buying a vehicle can be an exciting or terrible event. Without a good pre-purchase inspection, your “dream car” could turn out to be a nightmare. Let the expert mechanics at Strong give you a detailed vehicle report before you buy. That way you not only know what you are getting into, buy have power in the negotiations to secure the best price.

Book your pre-purchase inspection today to make sure that sweet deal doesn’t turn out to be a lemon in disguise! 

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